Autumn foraging walk (October 2020)


At last, time for another foraging walk! We enjoyed a beautiful woodland in Tickenham in Bristol to ourselves and set out to see what we could find beneath our feet and all around us.

Hazel from Totally Wild UK was our guide and knowledgeable forager.

Here is the extensive list of what we found (some missing):


  1. Elder tree – we talked about elderberries and elderflower being available at different times of the year
  2. Ash tree and ash keys
  3. Broadleaf plantain (in Hazel’s ‘kale/cabbage’ category’. Use the dried seeds like flax seeds (see ‘The Black Forager’ on Instagram)
  4. Ribwort plantain
  5. Crab apples
  6. Apples
  7. Rosehips
  8. Wood avens
  9. Wood sage
  10. Wild marjoram
  11. Self heal
  12. Hogweed
  13. Meadow vetch
  14. Gorse flowers
  15. Ground ivy
  16. Mushrooms – I didn’t catch which ones were found
  17. Hawthorn trees, berries and blossom
  18. Blackthorn / sloe
  19. Hazel tree and hazelnuts
  20. Acorns on oak tree (various uses)
  21. Nettles
  22. Mushrooms – The Prince and Clouded Agarics

Pretty but not for eating!
1. Spindle tree – pink and orange
2. Bryony – red berries

Useful but not edible!
1. King Alfred’s cakes – a useful tinder
2. Ivy leaves – try using as laundry detergent (especially when camping/off grid)

The wild lunch we enjoyed. YUM!
Further mushroom identification afterwards in the carpark!

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