Welcome! I’m Hannah (that’s me on the right). I set up Enamelware Events in the summer of 2017. I love spending time outdoors, sketching and walking in the woods. I love to be resourceful, hosting gatherings and helping others to create their own special event.

So it all started when we were planning our wedding in 2017. I realised that enamelware would be amazing to use for our evening meal: it looks fab, it’s light to transport, hard to break, and has a classic look. For some people, it reminds them of a homely kitchen; for others it’s being in the outdoors, cooking on a fire. But for some reason, there are few places in the UK that offer hire of enamelware. And so I began researching if I could get hold of enamelware myself and hire it out after our wedding. And that’s when I found a rare design with a grey rim – perfect for any colour scheme and type of event. It suits the rustic and DIY event as well as the more formal. So I went for it and bought some so that others could enjoy it for their special day too. I’m now quite addicted to adding to my collection!

You’ll be able to pick up and drop off your order for free if you’re local to Bristol. Have a look on the FAQ page for more details on how it works. 

For foraging and outdoorsy events, check out my sister company Wild Folk.

And if you fancy, you can actually have a nosy at our wedding! It was the first time that my enamelware collection got used and we had great fun creating our wedding day with friends and family. You can check it out here, featured on the Bride & Tonic wedding blog.

Photos from our wedding by Matt & Esther Photography