Paint Pots and Coffee Cups book

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Paint Pots and Coffee Cups

This book is beautiful, imaginative and practical, used to guide the local and the tourist around Oxford’s cafés and arts scene. Local artists have illuminated the cafés with their work created during and/or after a visit to that café. The aim is to break open the art world for the artists (especially those uncomfortable with the ‘artist’ label), as well as for the public. Our goal is for people to feel a freedom and desire to do more drawing and spending time in cafés.

The book is square, 210x210mm, litho printed with beautiful artwork inside.

It is a great gift for people who enjoy urban sketching / cafés / coffee / coffee.

Some cafés have closed or changed since I published the book in 2016 so it does act as a bit of a memento for that moment in time.

If you’re not sure about using the book as a guide book, I think it would be great to use in art projects – collage, art journalling, origami and so on! Have a look at the gallery above for an example.

Story of the book
Once upon a time, back in 2013, Hannah found that there were lots of really interesting artists in Oxford, their work displayed in lots of different places, and there were various exhibitions and events you could get involved in, but most were lots of work and/or money. She also felt that there were many individuals doing similar and great things, but not a real sense of an Oxford Collective, and not so aware of each other.

Alongside this, Hannah loves going to different cafés in whatever city she is living in or travelling through. She’s not really someone to be a ‘regular’ in any one place; instead, she has different cafés for different occasions, such as to work in, meeting with a friend or parent, having lunch, using WIFI, etc. She also realised that not everyone is like this, and often aren’t aware of all the cafés available to them in their city.

With a background in publishing, and a love for books and cafés, Hannah started dreaming about a book that would draw artists together by having their work displayed page by page next to each other for the whole city to enjoy, and by being involved in a really accessible project. It would aim to encourage them in their talents and skills, promoting them as well as the cafés they illustrate, while also helping locals and visitors to choose a café to suit their occasion and need. It would also celebrate the growth of Urban Sketchers groups and sketchcrawls, creative journalling and sketchbooking and drawing on the move.


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